About The Author


R. A. Hawkins was born in Aurora, Colorado and grew up in Littleton, Colorado. He has been married for thirty-eight years, worked for the same Aerospace Company for thirty-eight and a half years on the Space Shuttle and then on the Orion program before retiring. His primary interests over the years have been his family, sociology, mastering his survival skills, windsurfing, music, raising wolves, art of all types, mycology, permaculture, archaeological anomalies, Geo-politics and working on their boat, Uroborus; not necessarily in that order. He often describes himself as a separate subspecies of human —  ‘Eclecticus-Iconoclastimus’. His primary driving force is an unwavering belief that as sovereign citizens we are each responsible not only for our own beliefs and actions, but where those actions take us in life: That the truly intelligent person learns to determine what that consequence might be and then acts accordingly. Our individual actions always affect far more than we can ever imagine.