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Threshold CoverIn the fine print the contents label was clear: “Made with one hundred percent ignorance, and terrifying assumptions.” The Maya calendar was something that certain types could make their fortunes from for years…. and they did.

The Maya long count calendar gave us glimpses of seismic shifts in mankind. Five are identifiable, frozen in time, forever on display in the archaeological record. Who taught them? Their thinking and science came from out of the blue, or was it from the black of deep space?

Fear clutches all power structures in its relentless grip as the world unwittingly plummets towards chaos. Reality will beat its way into the consciousness of man, welcomed or not. This change, like the previous ones, is unstoppable. Quantum science has turned academia on its ear and the very nature of reality is called into question. Will this be the next change? Those who remember the events of that day will bring the groundswell that shakes Mankind to its very core.

Will this bring freedom or slavery?

Convergence CoverA world divided, separated by a vast ocean and an ocean of ignorance. A prophecy uttered in death as the last true Emperor is put to the sword. The Empire contracted into darkness, releasing its hold on the other half of the world. The only remaining hope; the sagas end transcribed among the stars for all who dared to see.

Four children, three light …. One dark, born to fulfill the prophecy, stirring the silenced words in the hearts and minds of the entire world. Ripples of curiosity; building; spreading; growing. Adding to even more ripples, becoming a wave, building with the force of a tsunami.

Will lies be put to the double edged blade of truth…. Or will evil survive? Who shall rise and fall in the battle to heal the world?

Often power comes from the last place one expects …

At Whitt's End CoverWhen Earth was attacked nobody knew who or why. They sent their machines to kill, never offering an explanation or making a demand. A lightening bolt in this global hurricane of misery and terror brings the life giving spark. The antithesis is born like an avenging Avatar. Civilizations are tested to failure at times such as these.

The eternal question demands an answer. It is the question of natural selection. As the winds of war ravage and shred everything in their path, corruption meets integrity while cowardice undermines courage in a war of wits and power. We are all the answer to a question in this formula for redemption or disaster. But the trick is…. which question? Will we be the answer to an essential question…. or an irrelevant one?

What forces and dynamics within will win? Will their win bring the final victory…. or the unraveling?

Those who are destined to be named heroes are the eye in their part of the hurricane. For the first time in their life they see things with a stark clarity.

Then they act on it.

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