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This is the opening video for our channel. We’ve been on this property for almost 42 years having moved south to work on the Space Shuttle Program. I wanted to get on a program that had a bit of length to it. I also wanted to raise our children in the country. One of the things I noticed while growing up was that the people who did well had a different quality…they grew up in a country setting and were independent. I also needed some elbow room. We picked up a small house on 5.2 acres and then had to let it just grow because nature heals the land if you let it. Now I’m retired and we’re moving forward. The sailboat you see in this video was the first dream my wife and I had and it took years for it to be realized. It is almost finished now. Soon it goes into the water, but that is a subject for a few other videos.

I’ll try to keep the informative videos short and sweet. I won’t do a video saying I’m going to do something only to have my hands up at the end and me saying “Well…. maybe better luck next time?”. My stupid mistakes (I am talented in that area.) will be included in different videos and labeled appropriately. There are a million wrong ways to do something and fewer ways to get it right. So join us in our journey as we finally have the time to do what we want. I hope I help you learn a few things at the same time as I do.

This is the opening video for our youtube channel.

S/V Uroborus refit

This is the refit of the interior of S/V Uroborus. I lived in it while I worked on it so I would have something intelligent to do with my spare time when I wasn’t working at KSC. I retired in January of 2014. I am now turning my attention towards the permaculture farm I’ve dreamed of for years. So far I’ve adapted purple yams Dioscorea Purpurea and Yacon to my property. I did suffer a setback with the Yacon when my neighbor’s cow found it. I will be doing videos on that and many other topics soon. Swarm capture time is just around the corner.

Release 01/03/2019

Dragon signage build and install

This how I went about making the dragon for our boat and how I installed it on the boat. Fitting anything onto a boat is actually covered in the video. The best way to describe the process is painful but worth it.

Release 01/10/2019

Hull and Deck rework

This is where I repaired/reworked the hull and deck of our sailboat. This boat was built for the cold and stormy North Atlantic as a racer so it was missing something I really needed…opening ports or air flow of any sort. I added three cowl vents and Dorades. The forward Dorade required me to later add a duct to catch any water that got through and channel it into the chain locker instead of onto the fwd V berth. It also allowed me to ensure fresh air flow through that locker as well. Basically I needed to make sure we could breathe in there. Without that it could get a bit toasty.

Release 01/17/2019

Cockpit Grating and Sails

This where and how I made a hard Bimini to attach our solar panels and various other items as well as to keep us dry after we added the canvas. I also made grating to keep our feet out of the water and our butts relatively dry. We also had to make a new sail and fix the old ones. It was an amazing and wonderful task to have in my rear view mirror.

Release 01/24/2019

Dowsing for wires cables and water lines

This is one of the ways in which you can find something under ground. It consists of two 36 inch heavy gauge copper wires with the bottom 6 to 8 inches bent at a 90 degree angle. The shorter pieces are placed into two 6 inch pieces of one inch diameter PVC tubing. By holding the two wire pieces by the PVC tubing at shoulders distance apart and level with the wires parallel and walking, you can find cables and lines under the soil. If you’re trying to get the wires to stay parallel and they wont. You need to move to a different spot you are on something the wires are reacting to. Don’t do this regarding those places where you’re supposed to call about buried cable. Live long enough to make smaller less lethal mistakes by making that buried cable call.